McDonald Sportsmen's Foundation presents:

Womens Day on Target

Saturday, May 9th

8:30am - 2:30pm

McDonald Sportsmen's

We provide all firearms and ammunition and targets We provide instruction, safety staff, and eye and ear protection We provide Lunch.

But space is limited!!!

Women 21 and over will experience the shooting sports regardless of their experience level. You will shoot .22 Ruger pistols and .22 bolt-action rifles with scopes at stationary targets. You will also shoot shotguns at the trap range at airborne clay targets. All shooting is conducted under supervision of NRA Range Safety Officers and experienced shooters to assist you to shoot safely and properly. Our NRA-Certified Instructors, highly experienced shooter/instructors, and National Championship shooters will individually coach you. We recommend you wear tennis shoes or hiking shoes with long pants and long sleeved shirt or light jacket for comfort outdoors and while shooting. Other skills demonstrations and explanation of firearms ownership safety included.

Those Ladies, with their own pistol, who wish to use our range after the event may bring their firearm and one box of ammunition for range time afterwards.

If you are considering purchasing a firearm, this is an excellent opportunity to ask a lot of questions to a lot of people with a lifetime of experience.

Fill out the release form by tabbing through boxes, save the document and then email it to Victor Polk at:

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